Autism Hub drop-in, time for…reflections.

The regular Monday morning Autism Hub drop-ins offer both interactive and structure discussions. Users of this service discuss their well being, personal goals and experiences in their lives. Read on to see what the drop-in sessions are achieving.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 16 May 2022

Today, the group considered social interaction and socially engaging live broadcasts  – such music or sporting events. As well as looking forward to summer events, discussion also turned to setting personal boundaries. An activity based discussion assessed information to share with different people – friends, family or a doctor among others. This was part of a broader conversation around setting boundaries when disclosing either too much or too too little information.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 9 May 2022

The group reflected on the previous week’s event – and the possible reasons for the differences in diagnosis rates between the genders. With warmer weather and sunnier days, discussion switched to therapeutic outdoor activities including cycling, walking and a summer picnic.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 25 April 2022

Participants reflected on recent Easter activities following the recent holiday break. Walking, watching television and travel out of London were discussed. Stressful and difficult to control situations such as house moves and busy transport were assessed – and how to acknowledge their impact. After that, the group discussed visiting tourist attractions to promote well being.

Finally there was a guest quiz as well as a testimony from one participant on the importance and routine of attending the autism hub drop-in service.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 11 April 2022

Following recent events, today’s group focussed on autism acceptance – reflecting on the week  gone and the one ahead. There were discussions on personal experiences after diagnosis as well as setting practical short term goals. Among these, were recommended technology apps plus a smart goals template – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 4 April 2022

Ahead of an event on autism and acceptance, the group discussed interpretations of this – self awareness, self management and self acceptance. Several participants express their own self improved acceptance after join the regular drop-in meetings. At the end, one of the group read relevant poetry by Edgar Allen Poe.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 28 March 2022
It’s autism awareness week yet it was another topic which triggered more discussions. Internal monologue is being research by one of the drop-in participants – assessing prevalence and extent. Other contributions talked about use for their internal monologue, the uses and annoyances.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 21 March 2022
This morning’s session covered anxiety triggers and check list of managing these difficulties. Well being is important with sleep, exercise and a manageable to-do list being helping to reduce anxiety levels. Personal goals were also discussed with the means and timelines needed to fulfil these objectives.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 14 March 2022

Managing anxiety and receiving unsettling family news were both covered today. Participants discussing how they deal with these two. The session ended with a fun quiz, combing team work and guess work.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 7 March 2022

Today, participants talked about special interests – and what had been learned during research. After that, the group discussed examples, experiences and management of anxiety attacks.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 28 February 2022

Participants in today’s Autism Hub drop-in looked forward to celebrating pancake day, with a variety of recipes. In readiness for an event on autism and anxiety, the group discussed anxiety management and personal activites – with the use of an illustrative anxiety wheel.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 21 February 2022

Well being was the central point in today’s discussion. A digital white board allowed participants to provide examples of their own well being management technqiues – exercise, meditation and self awareness being recurring themes.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 14 February 2022

Seasonal flowers and transport preferences were among today’s drop in discussion points. One participant talked the group through the flowers they seen in February. The group also assessed their differing reasons for modes of public transportation.  A feature on autism and dating covered the use of social media and disclosure. As it was Valentine’s Day, there was a special quiz on the history of London’s red buses.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 7 February 2022

Today’s event focus on friendship – reflecting on the points raised in the recent and related webinar. As we’re noticing the lighter mornings  and evenings, there a quiz on time, sunrises and sunsets.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 31 January 2022

This was a busy session with the hosts and seven other people. There was advice on dealing with anxiety when visiting the dentist and the choices available when taking these services. The drop in discussed friendships – including interaction, new friends, pandemic, misunderstandings. At the end, there was enthusiastic London Underground Tube quiz.

Autism Hub drop-in, Monday 24 January 2022

Today’s drop in session opened with a discussion on the seasonal changes – observing the longer lighter days. From this, there was an appreciation of changing nature with the new plants which bloom in the coming months. Something for everyone to look forward too.

This week’s autism specific topic was core values. Drop-in contributors mentioned many and these included taking responsibility, a sense of right and wrong, dependability, helpfulness. These core values were linked to goal setting for 2022.

There was an educational tour of the UK – with geographic and administrative features as well as an overview of some of many islands around the British Isles. The British Crown Dependencies were specifically detailed with a special mention of the tiny island of Sark – with its special motor rules.

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